Adopt-a-Trail Work Guidelines


Please everyone take a moment to review the below guidelines that are followed by GCMBC Adopt A Trail Volunteers. We follow these guidelines in coordination with the Clemson Experimental Forest Directors.
These guidelines are not just for Adopt A Trail Volunteers, but apply to everyone, all of us utilizing the trails and resources within the CEF, and anyone interested in improving a trail. These guidelines apply to all trails and the Downhill Course as well.  Also, creating a new trail, a cut through trail, or otherwise making alterations to an existing trail is not permitted.
The CEF is a fantastic resource for our recreation uses. Lets all make sure we are doing our part to ensure proper management of the forest and trails.

 Guidelines for Adopt A Trail Volunteers


  1. Your primary responsibility will be to keep the trail maintained with hand tools by cutting back encroaching growth.
  2. Your second responsibility is to cut out small fallen trees, and clear fallen limbs. You may recruit help where needed.
  3. Please report all trail maintenance work to the Trail Maintenance Coordinator so that the work may be recorded in the Trail Maintenance Log.
  4. You will be responsible for reporting to the Trail Maintenance Coordinator such things as large fallen trees for chainsaw removal, ideas for trail improvement, and the need for a trail work session.
  5. You will monitor the trail for problems and communicate any concerns to the Trail Maintenance Coordinator.
In Order To Insure Continuity And Accountability In Our Trail Work, The Following Trail Work Activities Must Be Coordinated Through And Approved By The Trail Maintenance Coordinator:
  • chainsaw work
  • rerouting
  • digging
  • chopping out roots
  • wet spot repair
  • blowing off a trail
  • construction
  • use of herbicides
  • installation of structures
  • marking a trail in any manner
The Trail Maintenance Coordinator will be Ian Davidson. He will report and coordinate all trail maintenance work through Russ Hardee Director of CUEF, and James Wilkins Education and Resource Coordinator CEF.